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Singapore, USA, Spain are best bets for travel and tourism investment in 2019

18 September 2019

Investment breeds competitiveness!

UK-based CEOWORLD Magazine has released its 2019 rankings of world countries on attractiveness for investment in the travel and tourism sector.

Top 3 countries ranked are Singapore, USA and Spain.

Chad was named worst bet for investment (#138 of 138 countries), followed by Yemen, Liberia, Burundi and Pakistan.

Top 3 picks by region are:

North America:

  1. USA
  2. Canada
  3. Mexico

Central and South America:

  1. Panama
  2. Peru
  3. Argentina

Western Europe:

  1. Spain
  2. France
  3. Germany

Central and Eastern Europe:

  1. Croatia
  2. Slovenia
  3. Czech Republic

Asia - Pacific:

  1. Malaysia
  2. Japan
  3. Thailand

Middle East:

  1. UAE
  2. Saudi Arabia
  3. Turkey


  1. South Africa
  2. Morocco
  3. Namibia

Results are based on survey responses of 98,000+ business decisionmakers worldwide on these 12 attributes of countries:

  • Market size
  • Infrastructure
  • Property rights
  • Tax laws
  • Economic growth
  • Investment laws
  • Workforce availability
  • Investor-friendly environment
  • Government red tape
  • Untapped opportunities
  • Access to funds
  • Government fiscal and monetary policy

It's interesting to compare this list of best countries for travel and tourism investment with the World Economic Forum's rankings of countries on Travel and Tourism Competitiveness over at TourismMarketer.com which has 5 of the countries listed above in its top 10 best countries to visit.

Investment breeds competitiveness!

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