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How Americans are vacationing in summer 2019

13 August 2019 (Edited 13 August 2019)

43% (53% of those with children) plan a staycation.

Newly released Summer Habit issue of the Ipsos North American Omnibus report reveals the vacationing and other habits of Americans in summer 2019.

How Americans are spending their summer vacations in 2019:

  • 55% will take a trip.
  • Those most likely to take a trip are:
    • Families with HHI of $100K+ (68%)
    • Men (62%)
    • Millennials (60%)
  • Most will vacation in the USA (58%).
    • 39% will drive to destination
    • 35% will visit family
    • 34% will stay at a hotel/motel
    • 30% will travel with relatives
  • 60% want to just laze around, vs. 40% who will do something active.
  • 43% (53% of those with children) plan a staycation. Most popular staycation activities (Top 5):
    • Relax 71%
    • Grill outdoors 53%
    • Sightsee locally 37%
    • Entertain family 33%
    • Entertain friends 32%

Most important factor influencing summer vacation planning:

  • Overall: money 63%)
  • Those with $100K+ HHI: time (57%)

Activities that Americans will do more of this summer (Top 5):

  • Spend time with family (45%)
  • Travel (43%)
  • Spend money (38%)
  • Spend time with friends (36%)
  • Spend time in car (31%)

Activities that Americans will do less of this summer:

  • Work (26%)
  • Dine out (20%)



  • It's worrisome that 45% of Americans say they don't plan to take a summer vacation trip. And that women - who are traditionally the travel planners - are less likely than men to travel.
  • 42% planning to vacation outside the USA is a large percentage. That's also worrisome in the current climate of shrinking international inbound.
  • Surprising that 20% plan to eat out less this summer. Maybe that's related to the potentially high share of trip cost that family restaurant meals can represent.
  • But it's good that 38% plan to spend more money this summer - maybe that will be enough to keep the economy rolling along.

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