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AMEX research: Surprising Insights on Travel Attitudes and Behaviors of Millennials

15 September 2016

This media release from AMEX just touches the surface of data from their latest reports The American Express Future of Travel and The American Express Spending & Saving Tracker, but contains some interesting information nonetheless.

Such as:

  • Millennials are more optimistic than Boomers, and more of them plan to travel frequently (52.8% vs. 32.1%) and spend more money on travel (58.% vs. 41.3%) in the next 5 years.
  • 89% of Millennials say that the value of personal service is irreplaceable.

And four myths about Millennials debunked:

  1. "Millennials won't use a travel agent." But nearly 60% said they're willing to pay for an agent's expertise, and 92.4% of those who've used an agent said it enhanced their travel experience.
  2. "Millennials have different needs than their parents." But 76.3% said they prefer to stay in traditional hotels, and 46% of both generations agreed that better in-room technology is their favorite hotel trend.
  3. "Millennials want customization." Although nearly 70% said they'd put in the effort to customize a trip rather than buy a package, 58.7% said they'd buy a package if it were cheaper.
  4. "Millennials want to live in the moment while traveling." Although three-quarters of respondents agreed with this, 54.9% said they feel it's their duty to post reviews for the benefit of others, and 25.8% said they spend too much time with social media while traveling.

The "Future of Travel" data were collected from 1007 traveling US consumers in May-June 2015, while the "Spending and Saving" data were collected from 2000 random US adults (including some from an affluent demographic with $100K+ annual HHI) in April-May 2016.


Travel agents, hoteliers and tour operators should be happy with those results, for sure.

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