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Marketers see little return from advertising on Snapchat
06 April 2017 (Edited )
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Advertising Age and RBC Capital Markets have released the results of a survey of 1600 marketers intended to assess the state of digital advertising.


  • Snapchat received low marks compared to Google and Facebook.
  • ROI scores from marketers:
  1. Google 6.98
  2. Facebook 6.72
  3. Snapchat 3.43
  4. AOL 2.88
  • Reasons marketers gave for low Snapchat scores:
    • Increased competition from Instagram
    • Difficulty in measuring KPIs
    • Poor targeting
    • Decrease in engagement and open rates
  • Facebook's Messenger Day has a user base of 1B+, Instagram 300M, Snapchat 160M.
  • Platforms on which marketers said they're interested in advertising:
    • Instagram 64%
    • Amazon 43%
    • Spotify 40%
    • Snapchat 37%
  • Platforms on which the 1600 marketers said they plan to increase ad spend:
    • Facebook 461
    • Google 450
    • Snapchat 119

Snapchat reported losses of $515M in 2016, up from $373M in 2015.

- David

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