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Check the <TITLE> and <META Description> tags of any web page with the free SERPsim tool

17 September 2019 (Edited 17 September 2019)

SERPsim provides a good, fast check of presence/absence and length of <TITLE> and <META Description> tags on your pages

If you've read my 13 September 2019 post Use <META Description> tags to get Google search return copy that sells you'll have seen examples of how Google uses the <TITLE> and <META Description> tags of web pages to create the link snippets it serves to users in search engine results pages [SERPs].

A little, free online tool called SERPsim - which you can find at https://serpsim.com/ will quickly show you the <TITLE> and <META Description> tags for any web page, along with their pixel lengths vs. Google guidelines.

Here's how SERPsim looks in "ready" condition:

To check any page, just enter the URL in the Fetch field and click FETCH.

In this example, I'm first checking NYC&Co's home page. After entering https://www.nycgo.com/ in the Fetch field and clicking FETCH I get:

In the top section, you can see the tool has populated Title, URL and META fields from the code of the page, and is showing the pixel length of each with the relevant Google guideline for max length (outlined in red). All 3 look good.

In the bottom section, the tool has created a simulation of how the Google search return of this page MIGHT look. You can see that the simulation has used the <TITLE> tag from the code of the page as title, the URL as display URL, and the <META Description> as description.

But bear in mind that Google doesn't always create its search returns exactly that way.

As a second example, I've put into SERPsim the URL of the home page of Oak Haven Resort in Tennessee, which if you have read my earlier post you know has no <META Description> tag.

Output from SERPsim for the Oak Haven Resort URL looks like this:

And because it found no <META Description> tag, SERPsim produced a simulated Google search return that contains TITLE and URL only. But in fact what Google returns for this page is:

Oak Haven Resort & Spa - Smoky Mountain Cabin Rentals


... TN near the Smoky MountainsWelcome to Oak Haven Resort & Spa ... Oak Haven Resort features brand new luxury log cabin rentals near the Great Smoky ...

using copy it extracted from <H1> and <H4> tags in the body copy of the page.

So, takeaways:

  • SERPsim provides a good, fast check of presence/absemce of <TITLE> and <META Description> tags on your pages, along with their length vs. Google guidelines.
  • But the simulated Google search return the tool creates may or may not reflect what Google is doing.

You can also use the tool to create and edit simulated Google search returns for new <TITLE> and <META Description> tags and check them for length. Just remember that Google doesn't always create search returns in the way SERPsim does.

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