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Travel marketers need to make adjustments for Generation Z

19 November 2018 (Edited 19 November 2018)

Expedia Group has released a new report (see External Article) on the travel behavior of persons of the Gen Z demographic (ages 18-23) living in 11 countries in North America, South America, Europe and Asia - Pacific.

Some general findings about Gen Z travelers:

  • 84% are influenced by social media.
  • 66% don't know where they want to go.
  • 77% are seeking or at least open to inspiration about travel choices.
    • 60% say ads can be influential.
      • Deals and images more important than content or reviews.
  • Take almost as many trips as Millennials: 23 days a year in leisure travel on average.
  • "Relaxing" is most popular trip type (54%).
  • Budget is a consideration for 82%, and 54% say "best deals and value" are important aspects of trips.
  • Most important aspects of trips:
    • Activities
    • Once in a lifetime experience
  • High smartphone usage:
    • 79% in-trip
    • 68% for inspiration


So, actionable items for travel/tourism marketers:

  • Get your destination or product talked about (favorably) on social media, especially on platforms preferred by young people. (Statista says Snapchat and Instagram are #1 and #2 for this age group in 2018.)
  • Offer good deals.
  • Use good photos and other images in ads.
  • Make digital ads and website mobile-friendly, for both trip planning and in-trip use.
  • Stress realxing aspects of what a trip to your place would provide, and interesting activities.
  • If you can provide a once-in-a-lifetime experience at a budget price, you're golden!

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