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Phocuswright: Understanding lifestyle behavior of US Leisure Travelers

20 September 2017

In research sponsored by Sojern, Phocuswright found these characteristics of American online travelers (highlights):

  • 66% of US adults with online access traveled in 2016.
  • 37% are aged 18-34, vs.6% of non-travelers.
  • 46% have a household income of $75K+, vs. 17% of non-travelers.
  • Their top 3 priority items for discretionary spending are:
  1. Travel and tourism 59%
  2. Dining/nightlife 59%
  3. Entertainment/sports 51%
  • On average they take 3 leisure trips a year and spend $3019.
  • 84% own a smartphone.
  • Of those 84%, 40 booked a hotel or a flight with their smartphone in 2016.
  • 2 out of 3 agree that “How I travel reflects my lifestyle.”
  • 3 out of 4 believe brand is important when making purchasing decisions.
  • 42% of travelers see themselves as influential among friends and connections.
  • Of those 42%, 56% took 3 or more trips in 2016, and 61% took an international trip.


  • The population of Internet-connected Americans who travel is skewed toward the young and high-income.
  • Most own smartphones, and a substantial percentage use them to book travel products.
  • Self-image is driving their choices of travel products and brands.
  • Those who consider themselves to be "thought leaders" among peers take more trips and more international trips.

To act on that information, we could:

  • Invest in media that reach this demographic with best ROI (i.e., digital including search, social media, video).
  • Be easily reachable by smartphone - messaging and booking.
  • Present offerings that will convey prestige within peer group.
  • Associate our brand and offerings with other high-status lifestyle brands - e.g, through packaging.
  • Identify actual thought leaders among this demographic and make them priority targets- ultimately, our "brand ambassadors."

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