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Gen Z travelers are the least cost-sensitive generation, get inspiration from social media

16 October 2019 (Edited 18 October 2019)

Gen Z travelers feel pressured to post the perfect photo while on vacation

Research behind new Priceline Generation Travel Index shows that although the cost of travel is the most important consideration for American travelers of every generation, Gen Z are the least cost-sensitive generation, and the likeliest to characterize themselves as "big spenders" on vacation.

Shares by generation of survey respondents who said cost of travel is their top priority in trip planning:

  1. Baby Boomers (86%)
  2. Gen X (80%)
  3. Millennials (75%)
  4. Gen Z (67%)

Among generations, members of Gen Z said most frequently that:

  • Photos posted on social media inspire them to travel (48%)
  • They feel pressured to post "the perfect photo" while on vacation (29%)

19% of Gen Z travelers say they are "thrill seekers".

And they are the generation least wanting to relax while on vacation:

  1. Baby Boomers (68%)
  2. Gen X (50%)
  3. Millennials (41%)
  4. Gen Z (36%)

Gen Z travelers are the most spontaneous - Gen Z respondents reported travel planning horizons of:

  • One month prior to departure (48%)
  • One to 3 weeks prior (19%)

40% of Gen Z object to paying for wi-fi while traveling, and 61% expect to get free breakfasts at hotels.

Survey population: 1503 Americans aged 17-65 "demographically representative of the USA" who said they had traveled for vacation at least once in the past year


  • Re sample size: Pew Research says Gen Z make up 27% of the US population, so there should have been about 676 Gen Z individuals in a "demographically representative" sample. That's a pretty small sample. And they were self-selected as "travelers".
  • In advertising to Gen Z, include plenty of potential "perfect photo" venues where you are.
  • Offer last-minute deals for those spontaneous trip planners and bookers.
  • If you're running a hotel or other lodging property, offer free wi-fi and free breakfast. Americans of all generations expect those amenities today.

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