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Brits are most frequent EU users of travel websites, but Germans spend the most

31 May 2018 (Edited 13 June 2018)

comScore has released its 2018 EU Travel Report based on desktop and mobile data from Internet users in France, Germany, Italy, Spain and the UK.

Some key findings:

  • Shares and absolute numbers of digital consumers visiting travel websites vary among countries:
    • UK 94% (39M people)
    • Spain 86% (25M)
    • Italy 69% (24M)
    • France 67% (26M)
    • Germany 65% (35M)
  • Average online travel spend per buyer in 2017 varied also:
    • Germany EUR 459, +24% from 2016
    • France EUR 451, +62%
    • UK EUR 408, +7%
    • Spain EUR 402 +15%
    • Italy EUR 352 (flat)
  • Compared with desktop applications, relatively few mobile apps have mass-market appeal for Europeans as yet.
  • On average, Brits spend the most time on travel sites in a month (67 minutes), Italians the least (37 minutes).
  • Consumers in France, Italy and Germany tend to spend much time on national sites of their own country, indicating a greater demand for domestic travel.
  • Share of time spent on travel sites using mobile devices varies among countries, but is significantly less than time spent on desktop in all countries:
    • UK 33% on mobile
    • Spain 20%
    • Italy 19%
    • Germany, France 14%
  • Across countries. Airbnb gets the most traffic.
  • Across countries, Europeans make relatively few travel purchases on mobile devices.
  • Across countries, Europeans spend the most time on ticketing sites.

So, actionable items for those targeting Europe with travel/tourism offerings:

  • Have a solid mobile presence, keep up with advancing technology, but don't neglect desktop.
  • Consumers in the UK and Spain are more easily reached digitally than those in Italy, France or Germany.
  • German and French travelers are the biggest spenders, but do a lot of their traveling domestically - so international per-trip spend may be less.
  • Lodging and local tour businesses need to keep an eye on Airbnb and find creative ways of competing against it.
  • Make it easy for Europeans to book and pay online, using digital wallets and other systems popular in the EU.

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