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Google search ranking factors for 2020: another take [PART 2]

08 October 2019

Nearly every critical factor is immediately actionable by and in the sole control of you, the business owner or marketer

In an earlier post I began listing short versions of things that are or are not (or may be) factors used by Google to rank pages in organic search, based on a new report from Belarusian developers Link-Assisant.com entitled Ranking Factors 2020: Facts and Myths.

Here's the rest of the list.

In case you're in a hurry, I've highlighted the critical, actionable ones in green.

Number of links

Although not all links are counted equally, the number of backlinks to a page gives Google some approximation of the page's importance.

Links from relevant sources

Relevant inbound links can affect your PageRank, which is a factor in Google's ranking algorithm.

Backlinks anchor text

Anchors often provide more accurate descriptions of pages than do the pages themselves, but keyword-stuffed anchor text - as found in articles and media releases posted on other sites - violates Google guidelines.

Links from .edu and .gov domains

Google treats these links the same as other backlinks. And .edu sites are frequently link-spammed.

Outbound links

Not specifically a ranking factor, but can increase the value of your content, and that may be relevant to Google.

Links velocity

A page that over time continues to gain more backlinks than it loses may be considered fresh or relevant and be eligible for higher ranks.

Links through 301 redirects

Google can forward PageRank through 301 and 302 redirects. (But too many redirects can hurt a website's performance and that IS a ranking factor.)

Nofollow links

Google now treats Nofollow as a hint and not a directive, so some Nofollow backlinks may help your pages in ranking.


Comment: The analysis by Link-Assistant.com developers of the current state of Google ranking factors is thorough and perceptive. And it's important to note that nearly all the critical items - the only exceptions being 3 factors based on backlinks - are immediately actionable by and in the sole control of you, the business owner or marketer.

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