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Plymouth MA seeks contractor to promote tourism, manage visitor center

28 December 2021 (Edited 28 December 2021)

Be aware up front: running the Visitor Center 7 days/week is a BIG part of this contract

The Town of Plymouth MA has issued RFP #22146 for tourism promotion services and management and operation of the Visitor Center at 130 Water Street in Plymouth.

Services required (minimum):

  • Identify visitor markets to be targeted for a comprehensive promotional program
  • Develop a "multi-media image campaign" including:
    • Calendar of Events
    • 30-second radio and TV PSAs
    • Print and distribute at least 125,000 fulfillment and promotional pieces
    • Create and maintain promotional website

Responsibilities of the contractor:

  • Produce and distribute collateral, certify distribution
  • Quarterly reports, reviews as requested
  • Stand cost of Visitor Information phone lines
  • Create Event Calendar and link to Tourism and Town websites
  • Other usual fine print
  • Operate Visitor Information Center
    • Operate Center as a minimum 7 days a week for 8, 10 or 12 hours a day depending on season
    • Stand all operating costs
    • Make restrooms publicly available during all open hours
    • Keep the building and restrooms clean
    • MANY more responsibilities...

Minimum evaluation requirements:

  • Be lawfully established, admit to names of directors
  • Economically feasible plan for operating Visitor Center
  • Experience in providing similar services, 3 references

Comparative Evaluation Criteria:

If you're still interested after seeing the above, recommend you register as a vendor and get the RFP.


  • Contract is envisioned as running for 3 years beginning 1 March 2022 and ending 28 February 2025.
  • But actual term will depend on continued availability of funding.
  • Annual bids required for each of Year 1, Year 2, Year 3, plus 3-year aggregate.

Technical and price proposals are due by 3:30 PM Eastern time on 12 January 2022.

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External Article: https://www.plymouth-ma.gov/bids-current/webforms/22146-tourism-promotions-and-visitors-center-management-operations

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