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TripAdvisor to partner with VisitScotland on destination marketing and analytics in Europe

13 April 2017 (Edited 16 June 2017)

Following a successful pilot program in 2016, TripAdvisor has selected Scotland's national tourist board VisitScotland as a partner in development of its new European destination-marketing products.

Under the terms of the partnership agreement, TripAdvisor and VisitScotland will work together to develop new technology applications for effective promotion of Scottish tourism.

VisitScotland will be able to upload its content directly to the TripAdvisor Web site, and TripAdvisor will use analytics data from VisitScotland to assess performance of its marketing efforts.

The collaboration is expected to promote Scottish tourism to 70M potential visitors, and boost tourism spending by as much as 150M GBP over the next 3 years.

There's also expected to be a "social tourism" component to the collaboration that would assist disadvantaged families in staycationing in Scotland. There's more on this here.

Following the launch of VisitScotland's first global branding campaign "The Spirit of Scotland", a joint marketing campaign in the UK will be the first initiative undertaken by the partnership.

VisitScotland Senior Vice President of Sales Robin Ingle said:

“Digitally VisitScotland is at the forefront of DMOs around the world. Nowhere is this better exemplified than [TripAdvisor's] desire to use our data as a measure of how many more people are actually visiting Scotland as a result of their marketing activity, as opposed to more traditional methods such as visits to their website or email sign-ups. We are looking forward to utilizing TripAdvisor’s data, scale and access to millions of travelers to work with Scotland and highlight all the country has to offer.”

What better argument could be made for having good analytics in place?

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