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FREE Mobile Speed Test for Google ranking

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Google wants your website to be mobile-friendly because:

  • Today everyone has smartphones with them.
  • In many countries, smartphones outnumber desktop computers.
  • Most users visiting your site are likely to be using a mobile device.
  • 94% of Americans with smartphones use them to search for local information.
  • If your site was designed for desktops, it may be difficult to view on a mobile device.
  • If mobile users have to pinch or zoom in order to read your content, they’re likely to become frustrated and abandon your site.
  • Mobile is critical to your business.

Your report will show you:

  • Loading time of your home page
  • Estimated visitor loss due to speed (percentage)
  • Recommendations and instructions for reducing site abandonment/bounce rate by:
    • Reducing page weight
    • Reducing number of requests
    • Keeping scripts from slowing your site down
    • Making a good first impression quickly

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