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Grab your FREE copy of my Special Report: “How to Use Google Analytics to Get More Business From Your Tourism Web Site

How to Use Google Analytics to Get More Business From Your Tourism Web Site - cover

In this FREE report you'll learn:

How to find essential information about the performance of your Web site in any timespan from Google Analytics:

  • Visitor numbers - new and repeat
  • How long they spent on the site, and how many pages they viewed
  • How many abandoned the site directly from the landing page
  • Languages spoken by visitors
  • Age and gender distribution of visitors
  • Numbers of visitors who were ready to buy, and what they were looking for
  • Where visitors were located geographically: country, state, town
  • Distribution of times-on-site
  • Numbers of referrals from search engines, external Web sites, social networks
  • Numbers of visits made using desktops, tablets, mobile devices
  • Loading times - overall and for individual pages
  • Google's recommendations for slow-load fixes
  • More...
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