More Chinese but fewer Americans want to visit Europe in summer 2019
04 June 2019 (Edited 05 June 2019)

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Source: David|4 June 2019

New survey report entitled Long-Haul Travel Barometer 2/2019 released yesterday by the European Travel Commission shows:

  • Among global countries, sentiment re travel to Europe for summer 2019 is most positive in China (54% positive).
  • 70% of Chinese respondents said they plan to spend 7 to 14 nights visiting an average of 4 countries in Europe on a single trip.
  • Top destinations mentioned:
    • France
    • Germany
    • Croatia
    • Italy
    • Hungary
    • Monaco
    • Romania
    • San Marino
    • Serbia
  • Meanwhile, sentiment in the USA toward travel to Europe in summer 2019 has declined - just 27% planning to visit Europe between May and August - as a result of decreased consumer confidence related to trade and economic uncertainty.
  • But strength of the USD against both EUR and GBP will likely result in some currently undecided Americans ultimately choosing a European summer trip.
  • France and Italy were European destinations most mentioned by Americans, with sightseeing the trip experience of choice.

For other markets and more detail, see the infographic here.

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Subhead France and Germany are top EU destination choices of Chinese travelers
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