J D Power finds traveler satisfaction gives US cities $1B incremental revenue
05 May 2017 (Edited 05 May 2017)

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Source: David|5 May 2017

Research by J. D.Power Travel and Hospitality Practice finds that travelers to US cities who are "delighted" with their destination experience spend on average $1446 per person, vs. $914 for people who are "disappointed" - a difference of $532/person.

21% of survey respondents said they were "delighted" and 9% said they were disappointed, the remaining 70% being "pleased" or "indifferent."

Researchers found that moving a visitor from "disappointed" to "indifferent" is worth only $22, but moving one from "disappointed" to "pleased" produces a premium of $280.

Researchers estimate that incremental tourism revenues on the order of about $1B/city/year across all US cities should be achievable by making visitors happier - although there are considerable differences among cities because of uncontrollable externalities like weather.

- David

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