Econsultancy Live conference begins Tuesday 6 November 2018 in London
01 November 2018 (Edited 01 November 2018)

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Source: David|1 November 2018

UK-based digital marketing consultants Econsultancy - acquired by Centaur Media for 50M GBP in 2012 - will present their Econsultancy Live conference 0830-1800 on 6 November at LSO St. Luke's in London.

In the organizers' words, attendees can:

"Join hundreds of digital and marketing professionals across various industries to discuss marketing strategy, challenges and pain-points, share experiences with peers and compare notes on a range of topics including best practice, measurement, ROI, supplier selection, resourcing, business processes, budgeting and future trends."

Suggested attendees include middle-management to C-level people working in marketing, digital, ecommerce, customer experience and analytics. 120+ attendees and 15 expert speakers are expected to participate, from companies including:

  • Roche
  • UPS
  • Lidl
  • P&O Ferries
  • British Council

Registration form is fairly complex but if I understand their pitch correctly, attendance is FREE for qualifying professionals.

If I could be in London next week, I'd surely attend, because this conference looks very good, attendees are being screened for good fit (can't buy your way in), and the price is right.

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